“Hypnotic, cunning fusion of sound, noise and movement. Reciprocal sound mimicry seduces the listener with perpetual illusions within a drifting, billowing, multi-facetted disharmonic simulacrum – alters and transforms, trades and bargains, ties and interlinks and elucidates seance like webs of dialectic sound. Language thrives on noise.”

CALL OUR SHIFTS  is a Vienna-based improvisation ensemble with a somewhat fluctuating, yet growing mediumship base and a cross-disciplinary approach on the subject of making structured sound or unstructured soundness.

Founded in 2014 by Lukas Thöni and Michael Franz Woels the ensemble has performed in various locations in Vienna and gathered a reasonable amount of love and obsession for whatever it is they are doing.

At this present moment CALL OUR SHIFTS is a collective of people – musicians, dancers, writers, designers, performers alike – engaging in everything between free improvisation and conceptual pieces, while a certain emphasis on a specific and immersive use of space, the integration of visual and performative elements is made.